e-Care Visits
Are you a busy executive with little time to visit a doctors office?

Are you a mother with a full time job and not a spare moment for a doctors appointment?

We may have a solution for you!
If you are a current patient of BenaCare Medical Center, we may be able to treat your medical condition with a simple e-mail.




An electronic or e-Care visit is an alternative designed to efficiently respond to routine, non-complex medical problems.
(Examples might include: a cold or sinus infection, a mild stomach virus,
follow-up of a stable chronic condition)

An e-Care visit is not designed for complex or non-routine medical care especially problems that might require the relating of extensive history information or a thorough physical exam. E-Care visits are only offered to established patients and you agree that during the visit you are representing yourself and not another person.

The links below will help you decide if an e-Care visit is right for you.

When You Should Use e-Care - Click Here

  When You Should NOT Use e-Care - Click Here


e-Care visits are not billed by our practice to any insurer, as they are usually considered a non-covered service. The patient is always responsible for our typical e-Care visit charges. Our standard e-Care visit charge is $35.

Occasionaly, after reviewing your information, or during the e-Care visit it may be determined that your problem is too complex for an e-Care session. In that case our office will schedule you for a traditional office visit and your e-Care visit fee will be applied to the patient balance related to your office visit or refunded per our practice's billing policy.


eCare Visit Disclaimer

If you feel that your medical condition would qualify for an e-Care visit, please click the link below and fill out the form, enter your Debit/Credit card information and hit send. You will be contacted via e-mail.

eCare Request Form


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